Welcome to Locators R Us!

Locators R Us provides vending machine locating service to vending machine owners and companies in the US and Canada. Our Service includes locating profitable business to place any type of candy machine and snack boxes. We have experienced sales staff who knows exactly what you need and what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking for a vending machine locator who can provide quality locations and help you succeed in the business then we are definitely the one to get.

Why should you choose Locators R Us?

Our team knows well paying vending locations because WE have been locating since 2006.
By saying WE, it means we don’t have people work for us. We ourselves do the work.
We will represent your company well and all you will ever do is to place the machine.
We will give you the best. Once you get a location it’s almost 100% guaranteed to get placed and less likely to be rejected.
If you’re new to the vending business, our staff can help you devise strategies to your machines placed right away. We know just what store owners and managers want for them to say yes.
You, our valued customer, have the last say in every location we get for you. If, in anyway, you are not satisfied with the location you only pay for the ones you approve.
All of our quality services are for a very reasonable price. Other locating services can get a little pricey, but with Locators R Us you will get maximum profit out of your vending machines because we keep it as affordable and profitable to you as we possibly can.